XBox 360 Power Supply Bricks on Sale this Week

XBox 360 Power BrickOn behalf of the upcoming release of the XBox One, the Console Doctor’s Game System Parts Store is proud to announce huge discounts on XBox Power Bricks.

There are 203 watt, 175 watt, & 150 watt for the fat XBox 360 (white), and Xbox Slim Power Supply, and they are all on sale for this week only.

If your power supply is loud, very hot, or blinking lights, or just will not turn on… It might be time to replace your faulty power supply.

Visit the Console Doctor for the best deals on XBox 360 power supplys today.

GTA 5: YOUR Questions Answered! – Inside Gaming Daily

GTA 5: YOUR Questions Answered! - Inside Gaming Daily

FOR MORE INSIDE GAMING, GO TO: Kovic and Bruce talk about GTA 5 and Rockstar’s Q&A session: http://www.rockstargames…
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PS4 vs Xbox One: ALL the Specs

PS4 vs Xbox One: ALL the Specs: In the first episode of our new weekly show we look at what’s under the bonnet – or hood, if you’re that way inclined – and s…
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'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' PS4 and Xbox One surprise hinted

'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' PS4 and Xbox One surprise hinted
At this year's electronic Entertainment Expo, the video game was also confirmed to be coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One. Some screenshots of “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” which current has no launch date, are located in the slideshow at the …

PS4 Release Date Announcement Coming August 20th
For one week in August 2013, the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany becomes the centre of the gaming universe as the world's biggest publishers and developers invite you to check out the games that will light up the rest of the year and beyond. We'll kick …
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Lastest Launch Titles Xbox Vs Ps4 News

Thief Game Release Date Trailer: Xbox One, PS4 Launch Coming February 25
Another intriguing detail awaiting fans on the Thief game Xbox One and PS4 release dates is the realistic vision mechanic for the AI in the game. Described as the "vision … LOCKPICKING Lockpicking is different depending on whether or not Focus is active.

Video Game Hardware and Software Sales See Major Declines in July
"We continue to expect software sales in 2013 to be under significant pressure until the fall, starting with the release of Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto V on September 17," Williams noted in his report. "In addition to a strong slate of major titles …
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Twitch integration on PS4? Streaming service and Sony weigh in
Dipietro also brought up the software development kit that Twitch launched this year. It provides developers with the tools to easily integrate Twitch features like metadata tracking and streaming within their games. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a good …
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Tiny Brains to launch simultaneously on PS4, XBLA and Steam

Tiny Brains to launch simultaneously on PS4, XBLA and Steam
Spearhead Games announced today that its debut title, the co-operative puzzle game Tiny Brains, will release simultaneously on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Steam and Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360. The game was previously announced for PS4, PS3 and …
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Halo 5 Release: The Xbox One Will Be Better Than The PS4
One point that is being overlooked in Xbox One vs PS4 debates so far is the introduction of Playstation Plus as a requirement for online play. … But the biggest reason why Xbone is not the smarter choice, naughty dog does not make games for it …
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New Vita games to be announced at Gamescom, for the five of you who own one

New Vita games to be announced at Gamescom, for the five of you who own one
Now, very little separate the two systems so Sony has to show something that makes the PS4 stand apart — whether it be games or some sort of unique tie in with the Vita. It'll be interesting to see what Sony has planned for the Vita. Upcoming titles …
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Xbox One Release Date and New Title Hinted, PS4 Preorders No Longer Day 1
Geek reports that the official Xbox One website has revealed the release date of November 11, 2013. Recent checking of the site revealed that it has since been removed, which could be a hint that a November 11 or earlier release of the next-gen console …
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Xbox One's Home Gold Lets You Share Next-gen Benefits; Trade-in Xbox 360
When the Xbox One was starting to go with several reversal policies, fans were dismayed when they realized that one of its best features, family sharing, was also being thrown out the window in the effort to keep up with Sony's PS4 and its consumer …
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